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Our School providing excellent education to the students for the past 25 years. The motto of our school is to go beyond horizons by reaching students from diverse cultures and values with a high-standard education system for all that will make the students ready for this contemporary world. We, at our school, endeavor to felicitate the reception of knowledge by the mind of the learners, so that the mind accordingly senses the content as per its best-defined tendency and sharpest inclination. Well demarcated learning resources, both digital and physical, reinforce comprehension and knowledge building. All of the above provide several sensory experiences to each child. 

The collaborative learning techniques, problem-solving activities, research, and real-world learning experiences provided in and outside the classrooms aim at involving students actively in the process of learning Focusing on the Real World Learning experiences for each individual, engaging activities and differentiation techniques are utilized to impart a better understanding of the content across all learning styles.

Our Mission

St. Lawrence University's Mission 

The mission of St. Lawrence University is to provide quality, affordable education in the American Liberal Arts tradition by adopting a whole-person development approach, student-centered teaching ethos and broad cross-disciplinary curriculum that prepare students to think, evaluate and act with Faith in contributing to the development of humanity in their community and the world.

Our Core Values

  • Promote academic excellence by providing education that is rooted in the American education system which emphasize responsiveness to needs of others, and respect for the worth and dignity of each individual.
  • ​Provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs grounded in scholarship with well-defined educational outcomes which emphasize critical thinking skills, practical knowledge, personal, and social development of each student. 
  • Promote student learning by emphasizing teaching and learning approaches that actively engage the student in the learning process. 
  • ​Promote the worth, dignity and respect of every individual 

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